Porcelain tiles and their durability

Porcelain tile is material almost completely vitrified, entirely impervious and has other mechanical characteristics. The word tile derives from the use of kaolin, a white clay that is also used for the production of porcelain, and emphasizes the refined elegance that characterizes this material.
There are endless possibilities to what man can represent with tiles, visit a tile showroom to find what are your flooring solutions.

Wood look porcelain tiles

Where to use them

Porcelain tile has come a long way in the years, technology has made it look everyday more like other building materials that we have used for a long time in our home.
A good example is the wood look floor tile, that has all the warmth and the colored texture of the real hardwood, but it does not get affected from scratches or moisture.
You can use a wood look porcelain tile on your basement floor, and run it throughout the entire area. Kitchen, foyer, and even bathroom and shower: select one floor tile option and use all the possibilities the design offers.