Why a bidet? In America every year, we use on average 141 toilet rolls each.
That is the equivalent of 12,7 Kg of paper down the drain and about 15 million of trees. We can then add the millions of gallons of water used, the tons of chlorine for bleaching, and the electricity used in the process. These numbers show us why we are the top leader consumer of toilet paper in the whole world.

Cartoon frog sitting on a mini toilet next to a regular toilet paper roll
Do you know how much toilet paper we use in 1 year?

Introducing a bidet in our life, or better in your bathroom could be a fantastic way to lower these numbers and contribute to saving a little bit of our planet.

If you have been to Europe, Japan, or the Middle East, there are good chances that you know what we are talking about.
If not, let us introduce to it!

Modern Bidet Fixture Between Emerald Bathroom Tiles
Modern Fixture Between Emerald Bathroom Tiles

The evolution of Bidet from the 17th century to today

The first bidet was invented in France during the 18th Century
It was invented in France during the 18th Century

The revolutionary invention is a low, oval basin used after the bathroom to wash your private parts, with a jet of water. The word translates from French as a “small horse” but might come from the way you sit on it while using a bidet.

This revolutionary piece of furniture was invented in France in the first decade of 1700, to freshen up after using a hand-held chamber pot.
Originally it was a fancy porcelain basin on a wooden frame, kept in the bedroom.
At the beginning of 1900, thanks to plumbing improvement, it was moved to the bathroom, making it easier to fill up and drain.
It became immediately a must-have in high society for both France and Italy. Anyhow, it was only after WWII that its popularity grew among everyone else in most of the European Countries and Southern Asia.
The American Bidet Company tried to get the concept approved by the American population, adding a water jet to a toilet seat.
Unfortunately, the project did not take off on this side of the globe. However, when brought to Japan it became a triumph, with the addition of some extra features such as retractable cleaning jets, remote controls and dryers.

large bathroom with bidet next to toilet
In a large master bathroom, there is always space for an extra feature

Since its invention, the bidet adapted to the needs and customs of the people living in different parts of the world.
Let’s have a look at the different types on the market!

Standalone Bidet

This is probably the most common in Europe, and the straight evolution of the original French ancestor. As the word is suggesting it is a unit on its own, to be used only for washing. It requires a bit of space in your bathroom for fitting, just as much as a regular toilet would need.

Our recommendation is Kohler MEMOIR Bidet – classic and elegant, it looks just like it was made to sit next to the toilet!

[Bidet and toilet next to each other in a bathroom
Modern or traditional, every design style can include a stan alone bidet

Bidet Seats

In 1980 Japan was taken by storm by the idea of healthier and cleaner living. After careful studies, they put on the market, the Washlet (let’s wash): a heated toilet seat with a water jet and a dryer!
Nowadays, they do come with all sorts of features for a more essential or a more pleasurable experience.

A great option would be a Washlet from TOTO.

Bidet seat image with graphics to explain the functions
The extra functions of a toilet seat are the criteria to consider for the best choice

All-In-One: bidet-toilet combo

The most luxurious experience you can have. As the name suggests, we are talking about bidet toilet combos. It is a “full optional” item. On top of having the comfort of a taller fixture, you have endless warm water, warm air dryer, deodorizers, adjustable nozzles, and sometimes even a wireless remote control!

This one solution is available from TOTO USA as well, with an full-inclusive line of Toto bidet toilets.

Modern master bathroom with dark grey floor and wavy white wall tiles
In a more compact design, a bidet/toilet combo unit can be the best option

Bidet Attachment

A cheaper and practical solution could be installing an attachment to your current toilet seat. It fits the majority of the toilet seats, and you can probably do the job by yourself. It provides basic functions such as a water jet with adjustable pressure. Higher range models can have extra features like temperature adjustments and self-cleaning nozzles.

A very good option for this solution is offered by Brondelle.

Bidet attachment for toilets
An attachment can turn a regular toilet into a bidet

Handheld Spray, or Bidet sprayer

Widespread in the Middle East and Asia, the hand held bidet is like a small showerhead, manually operated. It might require a bit of time to get used to regulating the water jet, but it will be the most significant addition to your bathroom.

Image of toilet with sprayer attachment installed
An easy solution to have a handheld bidet with little investment is to install a sprayer attachment