“That bathroom is fantastic! It would look just gorgeous in my house!”

How many times have we made this comment if front of a picture that shows a stunning bathroom? Or at friends’ house, after they’ve just remodeled their home. And then, when it’s our own home that needs a new design, well… it looks like impossible for us to choose!

There are different sources where to get tile design ideas.

Looking at model homes

This is a wonderful way to get ideas for our remodeling project. Model homes are usually designed considering a style that is current, that well adapts to the area where we live, that is young and fresh, and mostly is always well coordinated with the environment.

If we decide to visit model homes for design inspiration, we most certainly have to remember that we have to visit homes that have many elements in common with ours. For example, are they both a single home, or an apartment? Are they located in the city or in the countryside?

Searching on Pinterest

(or on any other website that has pictures of remodels)
Oh my! There is really everything on Pinterest! But most of all there are pictures of gorgeous homes, with their magnificent kitchen and bathrooms. Every color, every texture, every style! Make a new board on Pinterest and save all the ideas that you like. Remember to not only consider “grey” because your friend just told you that now it’s the color that is most IN.. select different things, because what looks just perfect into someone else’s home, it might not work as well in our house!

Consulting a Professional Designer

Some other times, well… there are just so many choices! 

We can’t find anything we love, the textures are so many that we are not sure of what would be the best surface for our project.. Or maybe, we just can’t visualize the whole beauty of the tiles, because it’s hard to tell from just 1 piece.
A professional help comes in very handy at this point, to help us direct our interest to what we really like – to help us concentrate on the right products!

To make event that smallest project a great achievement!