If you are planning to renew your house, why not make it unique by using mosaic tiles?

Adorning the house with mosaics is an ancient art that has been used for over 4000 years.
It originated in Mesopotamia, where colored stones and glass were used to decorate surfaces. It was then improved by the Greeks and took to a higher level by the Romans, who transformed them into real artwork, integrating stones and pebbles.
Ancient walls and floors from the Roman Empire artists can still be admired today around any archeological sites.

Today Mosaics are hugely different, but they can still enhance your home, creating unique designs.

What is a Mosaic Tile?

It is a design pattern with tiles of different materials, colors, and shapes. Still, they are generally smaller than 3” or 4” on the largest side.
The most popular patterns are square, mini brick, hexagon, penny round, arabesque, chevron, but there are many more to choose from. Different components are also extensive, but the most requested are glass, natural stones, and porcelain.

mosaic tile sample with white and cream glass

Although they are complicated to install, they are much easier to work than a large intarsio tile. As a matter of fact, mosaic tiles came on pre-attached mesh sheets, making them perfect for those curved or awkward wall shapes.

Their versatility makes them perfect for internal or external areas, bringing out that “wow factor” to any project.

Mosaic for Indoor Applications

Mosaic tiles in Kitchens

The possibilities here are endless. 

You might want just a simple backsplash, or you can have a unique framed subject. 

You can decorate the whole wall,  create an exciting drawing, or just add one strip as an elegant design element.

If you have a kitchen island, then you might consider spicing it up with mosaic tiles, maybe the same one you used for your backsplash or wall.

Kitchen backsplash with clear glass textured mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles on Fireplaces

Give an elegant touch to your fireplace and turn it into a masterpiece for you and your guests.

You can choose from a variety of large and small mosaic tiles, made of any type of materials. They will all be perfect in such a space, to make it central and to bring some fun into the room.

Small stone mosaic mesh used to reface a marble fireplace

Mosaic tiles in Bathrooms

This is another room where the only limit is your imagination. 

Bring timeless charm to it, having a whole wall in mosaic. 

Other alternatives are having a decorative vertical or horizontal border, or decorating the backsplash of your sink. 

Make modern patterns, and bring out a few details from areas in or around the sinks, the shower, or the bathtub.

Marble grey and taupe mosaic used to decor the shampoo niche of a white subway tile shower

Mosaic tiles on Floors

Bathrooms or foyer floors are usually great to show off a mosaic. Still, different materials and patterns can give an exquisite touch to your outdoor area.

The patio or the path to the garden can turn into real work of art.

Small hexagon floor tiles in a laundry room

Mosaic for Outdoor Applications

Mosaic tiles for Seating Areas

It is quite unusual but with stunning effects. 

Add some colorful cushions to give an ultimate exotic touch.

Decorative glass or porcelain mosaics can be used outdoor to decorate accent walls

Mosaic tiles on Pathways

You can have an entire route or just part of it. Using elements that would recall nature around you would be ideal, but you can also shape them into a modern design.

Antique style outdoor travertine mosaic is used to create a decorative entryway or a pathway

If you are looking for more inspiration, visit our gallery and discover new ideas on how to use mosaic tiles in your house!