Brown cabinets and white backsplash

Tired of the colors in your kitchen with brown cabinets? Using a white backplash is sometimes just the right thing to do. Though, choosing the right tone of white can be very difficult.

This transitional kitchen presents all the common elements of a partial remodel project.
We chose not to change the cabinets with new ones, and to only update countertop and backsplash to bring in that white element which will bring in all the light that was missing.

Choose what to implement in kitchens with brown cabinets

The kitchen has a very large working area, though it presents a deep and dark corner.
The application of a Glacier White marble subway tiles in a polished finish (glossy) as a white backsplash ensures the light to reflect on the walls and give back some of that light. This marble has a soft white background, with faint veins of very light grey and brown.

 Also, the use of white quartz helps some of those lights bounce even more, making it so the new light is evenly sparse in all the areas of the kitchen.

A kitchen with brown cabinets now is a kitchen with a white backsplash and white top.

Overall, stained wood cabinets are very timeless.
White and grey kitchens are clean and neutral, open, and light, but they don’t always match our home decor or our own personal style.

If your house presents a lot of wood elements, maybe brown or beige furniture, and it has several earthy tones in the general decor, you are probably safer with keeping your cabinets as is, if they are in good condition. So changing your walls and surfaces only makes it all easier!

If you are not thinking to change your cabinets, but you want to “spruce up” your kitchen, find a warm white backsplash that can combine cold and warm tones together, adding that fresh look you want to achieve.