A beutiful traditional kitchen design

From this project takes form a gorgeous traditional kitchen, with all the elements of both French Country style and Italian decor typical of Tuscany. A beautiful combination that enhances this room, that is the heart of the house.

For a family that likes to cook and spend time together, the area that we obtained offers a working surface for any elaborated recipe. It also has many different features so to serve at best different occasions.

The first element to notice is the amazing kitchen floor pattern, that combines tiles of different sizes to offer that look typical of a Tuscan Villa in the center of the Italian countryside.

Beautiful cabinets for a cozy traditional design: a complete kitchen remodel

 Wellborn Cabinet is the manufacturer for these incredible cabinets, that offer all the upgrades used in this wonderful complete kitchen remodel. From full pantry cabinets to sliding shelves, and then lazy-susan corners, this kitchen has them all!

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 A perfect touch is given by the almost solid black granite, that has some natural sparkles, as well as flexes of copper that perfectly match the color of the floor and backsplash tiles.

 To finish everything up is the beveled subway travertine backsplash, that has that little “something” of French Country typical of Georgia.