Vintage Kitchen Design

In this vintage kitchen design project, we combined white cabinets together with colorful tiles, to mix the look of a white country kitchen and a Moroccan style tile floor.

It’s an eclectic design that shows all the personality and the unique taste of the home-owner. What appears chaotic at first, there is a perfect balance of white background and decorative elements.

The door style is a traditional overlay design that leaves some space between doors and drawers, providing that extra touch of vintage.
Though, the quartz countertop introduces the latest technology for the working surface.

Using a soft veined marble look top allowed us to choose a marble mosaic for the backsplash so that the veining in the two different materials don’t clash.

The kitchen includes extra features as pull out shelves, and a microwave tall cabinet. As an additional surface

For an additional country touch in this vintage kitchen design, the upper wall cabinets over the peninsula feature a detailed and decorative open shelf, bringing in that ornate last element that was just missing.

To know more about our selections of door styles and colors, visit our cabinet section.

For the main backsplash areas we used a basketweave mosaic of Calacatta Gold and Ocean Grey marbles. Over the stove, the client personally selected the decorative tiles to use as an accent, so she could choose the exact colors that would be the main feature of the room.

The colorful floor design is a porcelain square tile that presents a large variety of colors and patterns, that is what gives this vintage kitchen its aesthetic quality and great taste.