Alex Turco Art Panels

Decorative Art Panels by Alex Turco

Ever thought about turning part of your house into an impressive art gallery?
Well, now you can! Thanks to the stunning artistic design of the Decorative Art Panels by Alex Turco.




The frontier of art applied to the interior design’s world

The Decorative Art Panels by Alex Turco are a new and unique alternative to the classic tiles or mosaics for either indoor or outdoor use.

Art panels for every application

They are perfect for commercial spaces! However because they are so versatile, they can be installed into private spaces, transforming into artwork some of the most challenging corners of your house: wet areas, showers, outdoor living, walls, furniture and doors, counters and backsplash, elevators, ceilings, curved walls, and even columns.

The Decorative Art Panels by Alex Turco preserve their characteristics of durability, impermeability, and non-toxicity even under prolonged exposure to severe weather conditions.

The Art Panels are produced by assembling three elements:

  • Composite aluminum or pure aluminum sheet. These supports are both very light and workable materials, therefore are easy to mill, cut, bend, fold, and silk-screen print.
  • Digital UV printing customized through graphics, plus additional handmade artistic touches using acrylics paints and metal powders. Therefore, each panel is a unique work of art.
  • Finishing surface made of layers of transparent and waterproof bi-component epoxy resin once again brushed manually. This last process will make the product 100% waterproof and UV resistant.
    The finishing surface over the artistic design can be either GLOSSY or MATTE. Moreover, you can still choose among:

    • Moon
    • Brush Strokes
    • Bubbles
    • Rain
    • Minerals

Above all, size, pattern, color, and finishes, these art panels can be custom made to your taste and need to create the perfect artwork for your home.

An artistic and personal touch

However, you can start having a look at the following collections, available in different colors and texture:


You will be blown away!


If you think that the Decorative Art Panels from Alex Turco require special maintenance, think again!
The resin treatment makes the surface resistant to stress, wear and tear.
You can clean them with a microfiber cloth and any cleaning product which is free from abrasive substances.
However, we do recommend that after a couple of months, you treat the panel with a wax or polish.

If you do want to see with your own eyes, come by our store where our staff will be happy to show you the incredible features of these products.
Then you can start thinking where would be the perfect place for it, in your own house.

For more information, you can contact us at one of our showrooms, or you can contact the designer here


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