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How to find the right tile design

“That bathroom is fantastic! It would look just gorgeous in my house!” How many times have we made this comment if front of a picture that shows a stunning bathroom? Or at friends’ house, after they’ve just remodeled their home. And then, when it's our own home that...

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Complete Kitchen Remodel

Our client's project started with an outdated kitchen that needed a new look. The original cabinets were brown with formica countertops, all of this over a beige vinyl floor that was popping off because of a mold issue due to a roof leak. The client’s first concern...

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How to clean your granite countertop

MAINTAIN YOUR TOP AS NEW AS THE FIRST DAY! The right care for your granite countertop will preserve the stone for a very long time. It is crucial to use the right products for your daily cleaning, to avoid harming the surface and creating damages. Here a few rules to...

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How to chose a new kitchen backsplash

Choosing the right Kitchen Backsplash Where to find backsplash ideas “That kitchen is fantastic! I so want to cook in there!” How many times have we made this comment if front of a picture that shows a stunning kitchen? Or at friends’ house, after they’ve just...

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Renovate your Kitchen for Christmas

Kitchen Renovation in just a few steps It's well known that we all wait all year long for Christmas to come and enjoy the company of our family and friends! There is no better time in the year to prepare our home for receiving all or our guests and make it the most...

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New Yorker

Giovanni’s Tile Design today’s feature tile comes from the Italian Handcrafted Ceramic Tradition. The new “New Yorker” brings in an old style that meets colors from the last trend. This new line is one of the most successful products from Settecento, who could find...

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